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Music Curriculum Overview

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Music at St Stephen's RCP

  • Years Reception to Year 3 teach at least 5 charanga units over the year, including a range of instruments and singing. At least one of these units for year 3 are the Glockenspiel unit.
  • Years 4-6 have instrumental music lessons led by Tameside Music Services. In addition, children are taught at least 2 charanga units.
  • In addition, children in KS2 are taught about an musician illustrating the history of music. Resources used are available at This can be a cross curricular lesson linked to another curriculum area.
  • Children all have opportunities to perform their music in assemblies and special productions. A performance may be the focus of music teaching instead of a charanga one half term.
  • In addition, children take part together in the Greater Manchester singing challenge. 
  • This year, charanga are developing a new scheme of work in line with the model curriculum for music. Teachers are invited to trial a unit or two from the new scheme, during this transition period. 
  • Assessment in music is through highlighting the teacher assessments from the Charanga units. Tameside music services use their own assessments


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